NEW RELEASE: Nashville Resistance 5-Year Anniversary VA Compilation

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful winter break. I know we are ready for warmer weather but, in the meantime, all of our artists have been hard at work crafting new sounds for our release today, "Nashville Resistance 5-Year Anniversary VA Compilation".

The 35 tracks on this release are representative of the majority of producers in our region that continue to create inspiring pieces of musical works that are perfectly fit for the nightlife and underground environments. The process to getting here starts with the building of trust in our community, to openly respect and represent each artists creation carefully while putting them on a larger platform to be heard and reached from. I am excited for our progress in our output quantity and quality to continue into the future. Listening to only last years Nashville Resistance VA Compilation release and the new one will give you an idea of the trajectory we are plotting for ourselves at this very moment.

Thank you to all of the incredible people who trust us with their art so that we can collectively contribute to our regions community and culture.

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