Our Successes of 2020 and a Vision for the Future

Vision 2020: An event right at the new year that encompassed some of the best female talent we could get a hold of. The lineup included some local and not so local spinners. It was a fresh start for what had been a long overdue venture, the beginning of a monthly that had been planned an entire year in advance. Vision 2020 proved there was a strong demand for a female presence on the stage as we had our highest ever shared profit and turnout in our short history of being a promoter. It was the setting for expectations we wanted to deliver for that entire year.

Sense of Security

With our vision in motion, we had a successful event for the following months February and March. At the time of our first March event, Kentucky confirmed their first case of the coronavirus. There wasn’t a lock down or any mask mandates at the time. We were all hoping it was going to pass over like Ebola and H1N1 did, albeit those were different times as the CDC was not dismantled until the previous administration did so in the years leading up to 2020 - Click here for fact check. We had a venue and a planned schedule of events to occur throughout the rest of the year, but as each day passed, it became more apparent that we were in a downward spiral. This led us to our biggest upsets in that we had to cancel our first ever collaboration events with Charivari for April (featuring DJ Psycho of DTM) and our first ever Official Movement Pre-Party for May (featuring Noncompliant).

Making the Most of It

We were prepared for broadcasting to replace our monthly content. We still have the tools to do so in a high quality fashion, and we did so for most of 2020. We tried several new things like broadcasting from the apartment of Entertain! for physical broadcasts and using Synesthesia + MadMapper + Audiomovers for remote broadcasts with our friends across the country. Eventually though, the incredible amount of noise that came from social media becoming intensified with lock downs and people not being able to socialize physically anymore made it too difficult to break through to the audience we wanted. Suddenly, everyone was constantly on the internet doing everything from streaming to carrying about their day to day conversations in public view. So we stepped back from trying to take up any of the spotlight in the Fall of 2020.

Doing Something More Permanent

You could no longer feel the new tracks being played out. There weren’t really any options for events but when there were, they were potentially dangerous as the rise of super spreader events had become commonplace. Even though we didn’t promote any shows for the rest of 2020, some of our residents did perform at a few speakeasy events. Thankfully, none of those speakeasys turned out to be super spreaders and none of our residents caught the virus. What became our main focus though was production. Never in Nashville’s history did we ever have a compilation of electronic music from our scene. We decided that it was our duty to organize and motivate our local creative’s to get to work while they stayed at home in lockdown. Even though the release didn’t make it to the end of 2020, giving it a month going into 2021 really benefited the quality of the release. We are incredibly proud and thankful for all of the hard work our artists came through with in our first ever release as a label.

A Vision for 2021

Right at a year in duration, the coronavirus is nearing its end as we all prepare to get vaccinated and start promoting shows again. You can look all around the country to see the announcements and excitement in the discussions taking place. We are on the cusp of the post coronavirus world. We should be wearing masks for a long time to come but our American culture typically rejects it. Even through the worst of the pandemic, it was commonplace for the majority of people who went to speakeasys to not wear a mask. There is a huge conspiracy theorist following in our country and because of it, we will be suffering the longest for the remainder of this pandemic and future ones to come. However, with the vaccines being available now for everybody, we can all get vaccinated too, right? Well it turns out that a troubling amount of our population will continue to reject vaccinations as they claim that they do not know what is in it or believe in a conspiracy that it is being used against us. It is like saying that if you don’t know what’s in the new iPhone, then you won’t buy it. But that is absurd right? People chose to accept the known side effects of owning an iPhone all the time. So while this pandemic has a slow ending, we will be picking up where we left off in 2020. We have a massive new venue that we plan on using but in the mean time, we are exploring some abandoned locations for our first few events.

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